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After high winds Spirafix remain rock solid

Monday 26th February 2018

It's always great to recieve good feedback, so we were delighted when Morgan Denton, Project Manager at Attend2IT sent us this lovely email.

''We use the Spirafix system to secure the guy lines for our 20M temporary telecoms masts. Normal ground anchors slip over time and need to be checked on regularly and smacked back down.
It was when a mast was hit with over 60mph winds for three days on low laying wet ground that we realised just how good they are. After three days of gusty high winds which would normally be too much for a standard ground stake and would force us to drop the mast, we found the Spirafix Ground Anchors simply hadn't moved! They were as rock solid as they were when we put them in. And what's more with a 17mm socket they just pop out easy as pie when you're done.

This is a truly great product that you can completely put your trust in to just work!''

Click on the link here for more imformation on Attend2IT

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After high winds Spirafix remain rock solid

It's always great to recieve good feedback, so we were…

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