Marquees & Tents

What works:

Whether you have traditional marquees or clear spans - we have the solution for you.
Our anchors have a proven track record for festivals and events and are used at some of the biggest from Glastonbury and Boomtown Fair to small, private events.
Our anchors are easy to use and easy to remove - if they are removed properly they leave virtually no trace. This can have a major benefit if you are in well established gardens or ground which is protected.

How to install:

For traditional marquees that are tethered using guy wires we offer a simple, effective and very neat solution - simply choose a single(SA443 or SA453), double (SA444 or SA454) or triple tethering hub (SA455). These have our brilliant through slot option which helps you to keep your installation simple. Place the bracket on the ground in the direction of the guy wire, hammer anchor down through the slot. These are impact in anchors and drive down into position on their own helix. They do not screw into position. The solid head anchors are hard working and durable - you'll be able to use them time and again providing you protect the anchor head.
For clear spans we have developed a 30mm anchor with a 40mm head to be used with most if not all base plates - again, easy to install, easy to remove and therefore reuse. Our anchors are easy to store and easy to transport

Always protect the anchor head using a hammer cap.

Always check for buried services.

You can download additional information below.

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