What works:

As this activity becomes more and more popular with private users as well being used at events and festivals, Spirafix Ground Anchors offer a simple and easy to use solution. Without the need for trees or cement our anchors are easy to install, easy to remove, easy and neat to store and can be used time and again. If the anchor is removed correctly it will leave virtually no trace so perfect for beautiful green areas that need regular mowing. Equally suitable to be used in hard ground conditions. With this solution no digging of holes is required.

How to install:

Using four of our 50mm solid head anchors (C type) and two of our two anchor hubs (SA454) at each end of your slackline, simply place the hub on the ground in the direction of the slackline (each end), drive the anchors down into position using a sledge hammer. Please note that our anchors are impact in, they drive down into the ground on their own helix. These durable anchors cannot be screwed into position. Once all four anchors are installed (i.e. the anchor collar has hit the hub) you'll be able to tension your slackline against your A frames and use - all within the shortest possible time. No digging required.

Please take a look at our 50mm Ground Anchors

Always protect the anchor head using a hammer cap.

Always check for buried services.

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