Spirafix provides safety first for Cross Country Events

Spirafix provides safety first for Cross Country Events

Monday 14th May 2018

There is only one spiral anchor referred to in the British Riding Club Section of the Stewards Handbook for British Eventing for the secure anchoring of portable cross country fences - and that's the Spirafix system.

It's well established as a secure fastening because it's tried, its tested, it's well used and easy to install. As the anchor and bracket system is reusable it represents great value for money as well as providing peace of mind at your events.

We are always delighted when our anchors are recognised as the best in the business and with mobile cross country, or mobile xc, we continue to provide a great, easy to use solution for cross country events big and small.

Spirafix Ground Anchors are easy to install, easy to remove and reuse, they are easy to transport and easy to install. This secure system could not be easier to use. Simply attach the SA490 three hole 'through slot bracket' or the SA238 5 hole 'through slot bracket' to your jump, one each end. Hammer the anchor down through the slot and when the anchor collar has reached the bracket the anchor is considered installed.
It is advised that the anchors and brackets are placed to the 'front' of the jump - i.e. the side approached by horse and rider. If the jump is part of a loop and will be approached from both sides, then both sides of the jump should be anchored providing complete peace of mind.
Bigger brackets (SA239, 7 hole bracket) and bigger anchors (SF50-10-0630C) are also available.
When it's time to move your jump, simply unscrew the anchor using an adjustable ratchet and store for next time. If installed and removed correctly, the Spirafix system leaves virtaully no trace.

Recommended by the FEI and the BHS.
Here's a link to the Federation Equestre Internationale as a reference point - Link here

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