Do I need to prepare the ground before I install Spirafix Ground Anchors?

Do I need to prepare the ground before I install Spirafix Ground Anchors?

Monday 3rd September 2018

A great question and one we get asked frequently.
No you don't need to prepare the ground before you start your install. Spirafix are designed to cope with hard ground conditions and drive down into position on their own helix. They are installed via impact, so they are a 'hammer in' anchor. They are NOT twisted into position, so normally a lump hammer (for smaller anchors), sledge hammer (medium sized anchors) or power tool can be used.
Spirafix can be installed down through tarmac by creating a small pilot hole first and then driving the anchor down through the pilot hole. If you need to install in concrete then a core will need to be drilled out. We advise you to always protect the anchor head by using a hammer cap as this will improve the life of your anchor and allow for easier removal if your project is of a temporary nature.
Remember that Spirafix can be used as a permanent or temporary fixing.
Its important that you know the ground you are using is free from buried services and that you avoid danger. If in doubt do not install until a professional has advised you.

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