The Importance of Using Spiral Ground Anchors With Play Equipment

The Importance of Using Spiral Ground Anchors With Play Equipment

Friday 22nd May 2020

With children spending all their time at home now, (and possibly throughout the summer) many families are installing play structures in their gardens. Not only does it help pass the time for kids, but outdoor play has many other benefits too!

  • Children can burn off energy quicker and easier in an outdoor environment
  • Children who spend a lot of time outdoors potentially have less risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and issues with the immune system.
  • Outdoor play reduces time in front of screens and on mobile devices
  • Outdoor play often uses games which utilise imagination and creativity

Outdoor play equipment is great! Kids and adults love the benefits, but you need to make sure the play structure is installed safely and securely and in order to do this you will need to address three main factors:

  • How will you install it?
  • Where will the structure be positioned?
  • Have you prepared an installation plan?

So let's take these factors step by step...

Have you selected the appropriate ground anchor?

If your play equipment is not fixed securely to the ground you run some very serious risks of significant injury. A treehouse could topple over with too many kids hanging out on the side, a swing set could flip with vigorous swinging (but who wants to swing without getting as high as possible?!) There is a very easy solution for this, Ground Anchors! A ground anchor does exactly what it implies, anchors something, anything, to the ground. There are different types of anchors, but Spiral Ground Anchors are the best choice; quick, easy, environmentally-friendly (ie: no concrete!), removable, suitable for any ground composition, and they cause no damage to the grass or area of installation- no digging required!

Where will the structure be positioned?

Determine the right position of the playground equipment, for example, if there is a metal slide, the surface should be faced away from the hottest midday sun so it doesn't heat up. Is it in view of a window in the house so you can you cook dinner and still keep an eye on the kids?

Have you prepared an installation plan?

Children should stay out of the area until the play area is cleared of obstacles, the play structure has been completely installed, all hardware has been tightened and checked and all the tools have been picked up. If you are installing yourself check all the parts and group them systematically within reach. Follow the manufacturers' safety recommendations for the tools and equipment you use. You should wear proper clothing and safety equipment (e.g. safety glasses, dust mask and gloves) when you saw, drill, grind, stain or assemble the play equipment. Avoid assembling your climbing frame in poor weather conditions.

Spirafix Ground Anchors are a simple to use ground anchor that require no technical knowledge to handle, but will ensure your play structure is safe and suitable for your children! We are still operational during the COVID19 lockdown and will be sending shipments out once per week. Our website has some links to installation videos so you can see just how simple our anchors are to install, but we are also available to help with any other questions you might have! Visit our website for more information!

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