Can Spirafix Ground Anchors Solve my Problem?

Can Spirafix Ground Anchors Solve my Problem?

Wednesday 26th August 2020

We have solutions to so many applications! Spirafix Ground Anchors have a multitude of uses, with more being added to our application list each day. If your situation is not on our website, just get in touch, and we can create a custom solution to meet your needs. A snapshot of only a few of our recent projects shows just how varied our day to day installation of Spirafix Ground Anchors is.

Blue Edge Lighting - Heathrow (temporary solution)
This project involved developing a temporary runway and taxiway lighting solution at Heathrow Airport. The installation had to be safe, secure and certified as compliant with CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) requirements. Our project brief specified the installation and removal of the solution was quick and that any remedial work required after removal was kept to a minimum to limit the disruption to the runway. Our team created a unique system to meet those requirements, and the client as thrilled with the result:
"The Spirafix product is a vast improvement to the concrete blocks we had to install and remove at Heathrow Airport previously - for fixing blue edge lighting. They are easy to install, easy to remove and with no repairs or disposal, are a good solution going forward."

Aligning Fascias - Boskalis Dredging and Marine (permanent solution)
Our brief was to assist the team from Boskalis and Hekwerk Noord, in ensuring that fascia boards were installed at the site; safely, securely, and in perfect alignment. There were two main challenges this job raised for us. First, we had to conduct all work at height, (which is always a health and safety concern). Second, the primary installation team continued working around us while we carried out the installation and load testing. The solution we found was our 75mm anchor range, installed horizontally. Our test rig was secured using the anchors, and tests confirmed the fascia boards could withstand a load of 2,500kgs per anchor. The client was pleased with the result, including the high degree of accuracy attained and the smooth lines created across the whole fascia.

Electric Gate Counter-Balance - Spirafix Holland
Our brief for this project was to reduce the time and expense of installing electric gates and fences. The client wanted a solution to replace their existing method of using concrete to fix the gates in position and specified the proposed plan must have
• a simple installation process
• fixings with the ability to withstand constant use.

To find the perfect solution, we contacted the manufacturer of the gates to learn the counter ballast weight they recommended and then matched this with the equivalent Spirafix Ground Anchors using our Spirafix load charts. Our proposed method not only met the requirements of the client, but also provided additional environmental benefits by reducing the need for large foundations using concrete, and the resulting spoil.

Spirafix Ground Anchors are proud of our ability to solve unusual problems, and we love the challenge of finding unique and bespoke solutions. We are confident that we can add real value (financial, environmental and aesthetic, just to name a few) to any project put in front of us!

We have a proven track record when it comes to saving time and money on-site, and we bring our problem-solving skills to many industries. If you have a project that you think we could assist with, get in touch with us on or [01633 890910=te:+441633 890910].

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