How Can I Secure my New Event Tent to the Ground?

How Can I Secure my New Event Tent to the Ground?

Thursday 29th October 2020

With more coronavirus restrictions in place, there's an emphasis on utilising outdoor spaces. Bars, restaurants, car dealerships, and even schools are moving their customers and services outdoors. No matter the type of shelter or event tent you choose, it is essential to fix it securely to the ground - and spiral ground anchors are guaranteed to do this. Spirafix specialises in the design, manufacture, and installation of spiral ground anchors, ranging in various loading capacities, making it a perfect fixing for all commercial and domestic needs. Here's everything you need to know about Spirafix Ground Anchors:

What are Spirafix Ground Anchors?

Simply put, Spirafix Ground Anchors are large screws that go into the ground and attach at the top to the 'leg' of the item they are securing. They are easily installed with a hammer and can provide just as much support as concrete foundations. The bonus is that they do not require any digging or concrete, making them a relatively inexpensive and straightforward solution.

How does it work?

The spiral ground anchors are impact driven into the ground. They rotate down with each blow, cutting a highly accurate thread in the earth. Hammer the anchor into the ground, fit the appropriate bracket to the anchor, attach this bracket to the leg of your shelter and you are finished. Should removal be required, simply unbolt the bracket and unwind the anchor.

What are the benefits?

Spirafix Ground Anchors is the most versatile ground anchor solution available! It is the preferred method of fixing due to the time and cost savings compared to other anchor systems, it requires little to no specialised tools to install or remove the anchors, and when removed, the anchors leave almost no trace.

The spiral ground anchors are incredibly durable and hard-wearing - perfect for businesses who decide to stay open outdoors during the colder months. They are available in an abundance of sizes to suit the size of the shelter you choose. Using a ground anchor system also removes the need for ropes and weights to hold your tent in place, making the installation safer for your users and more attractive.

Spirafix Ground Anchors are perfect for any business or home installation. If you intend to use your event tent or outdoor shelter as a permanent fixture, or only while the Coronavirus restrictions are in place, the anchors make installation easy, secure, and most importantly do not require significant building works. If you choose to take your shelter down when restrictions end the Spirafix Ground Anchors will not leave unsightly damage to your patio, car park, or garden.

For anything that needs securing to the ground, Spirafix Ground Anchors will do the job. They are quick and easy, inexpensive, unintrusive, and versatile. We can help you find the perfect Spirafix Ground Anchor for your installation needs - whether it's big or small, there's an option for you.

Visit us online at or call us on +44 1633 890910, where we'd be more than happy to help. Give the most versatile ground anchor solution a try and see how your business will benefit from a secure, sturdy outdoor covered area.

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