Solar Carport Foundation

Aviva Norwich


Ren Energy


After being contacted by Ren Energy, Spirafix were requested to conduct on site load testing at the Norwich Aviva site to establish anchor sizes required for solar carport foundations.


Project schedule required by Spirafix team to fit in with the Principal Contractor who was in charge of the project.

We required alignment of anchors to be be positioned correctly to ensure brackets that followed would fit without any issues.

Quick and accurate turnaround required to mitigate disruption to our client of working car park.


A Gant chart provided by Prinicpal contractor Ren Energy, which allowed detailed planning to enable organisation for Spirafix team and other contractors on site.

Bespoke installation jig created, pilot holes drilled in location of installation, which allowed for an accurate and consistent install of anchors.

Out of hours weekend working ensured minimal disruption for our client, works were completed over 5 days, which faciliated the base plates to be easily installled and the project completed on time.

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