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Ground Mounted Solar Panels

What works:

Spirafix Ground Anchors and brackets have the perfect solution for your ground mounted solar panels. Whether you are using your panels for domestic or commercial purposes this versatile system has a suitable option for you. Easy to install and easy to remove if required, this anchoring solution represents great value for money over the long and short term.

How to install:

The Spirafix Ground Anchor range is easy to install, quick and simple to use. Install the anchor down the leg of each frame. These anchors are impact in and drive down into position on their own helix. They are not 'screwed' into place. For small installations a sledge hammer will suffice but for larger projects a hand held petrol post driver or equivalent is advised. Machines must be on the impact setting. Attach bracket to top of anchor by screwing nut down through bracket and into threaded head anchor. Attach bracket to your frame and tighten as appropriate.

Always protect the anchor head using a hammer cap.

Always check for buried services.

You can download additional information below.

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