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Welcome to Spirafix Ground Anchors

We are a UK based company who specialises in the design, development, manufacture and installation of ground anchors ranging in loading capabilities from 80-8200 KG, making the Spirafix ground anchor an ideal ground fixing for projects in both the commercial and domestic marketplaces.

Check out our projects page to further understand the diversity that a Spirafix ground anchor has to offer; I'm sure you will agree when we say that Spirafix is the most versatile ground anchor solution available!

What makes Spirafix Ground & Earth Anchors the number one choice?

  • Tried and tested with Industrial Applications and can provide significant time and cost savings over other solutions
  • Well suited to Domestic Applications as there are little to no tools required for install and removal
  • Hard-wearing, durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to remove if required, leaving virtually no trace
  • Manufactured in a range of sizes, offering clients a ground anchor which is well suited to their requirements
  • Extremely versatile; permanent or temporary installations
  • Suitable for a wide range of projects
  • Easy to transport as they stack together neatly

Spirafix spiral ground screw anchors are the best available earth anchor system for securing outdoor products directly to the ground, circumventing the need for traditional foundation solutions such as concrete. Our earth anchors are re-usable, straight forward and quick to install or remove (if required).

What are the benefits of Spirafix Ground Anchors?

  • Spirafix spiral ground bolts can be directly impact driven into earth conditions that other ground anchors cannot cope with, such as grass, hard compacted ground, ground with large stones, tarmac, buried bricks, chalk and clay.
  • Spirafix Ground Anchors provide a practical alternative to propping.
  • The environmental impact of Spirafix Ground Anchors is low as no concrete is required to secure them.
  • Spirafix Ground Anchors produce valuable cost and time savings in your project or event budget.

Fitting is quick and straightforward:
Our commercial and domestic spiral ground anchors are impact driven into the ground. They rotate down with each blow of impact driven force on their own helix, giving the anchor a unique feature over other products. Once the anchor is fully submerged, simply fit the appropriate bracket to attach the anchor to your application, and that's it! Should removal be required, simply unbolt the bracket and counter rotate the anchor.

Tried & Tested


Industrial Applications

  • Permanent carports
  • Solar arrays
  • Piled foundation stabilisation
  • TV and film set creation
  • Overhead power-line scaffolding
  • Storage containers


Domestic Applications

  • Decking
  • Field shelters
  • Childrens play equipment
  • Timber buildings
  • Polytunnels
  • ...and much more


Temporary Fixings

  • Tethering lines
  • Festival Scaffolding
  • Stage Truss Bases
  • Mobile cross country jumps
  • Portable dugouts


Other Applications

  • Barges and Boat mooring
  • Security anchoring
  • Pig Shelters
  • Hay and straw stacks
  • General ground fastening

Check out our Projects and Uses page for more ideas of uses for our ground bolts and accessories.

Better yet, phone us today and let us help you find the perfect ground anchor for your upcoming project: large or small, commercial or domestic. We have the solution when something needs to be secured to the ground!

Are You a First Time User?

Check out our installation guide below to understand the best installation method suited to your project

Installation / Removal Guide

Huge thanks to you & your team for the prompt delivery of 840mm C-type anchors & SA540 brackets. We have used these on our Milos…

Charlie Broadhurst, Event Sound

"I don't normally leave reviews - but couldn't possibly not leave one in this instance after the absolutely first-rate customer service I received from Sue…

Andy Moger

Thanks for sorting this out so quickly, pleased to say that I had all the ground anchors installed and ready to go within an hour…

Ian Reed

In the High Arctic area of Northern Greenland, you experience some of the strongest winds ever recorded on Earth. We needed a solid and reliable…

Sebastian Frederiksen, Lunark Team

Easy to use and up to the job

Jonathan Hartnell-Beavis, Director, Iconoco Ltd

I received your shipment. It was very timely and the packing was well done. Thanks. My application is anchoring a treated timber foundation for a greenhouse.…

Tim Foster, Civil Engineer USA

Often our frames are set on grass that is not entirely flat and by using this Spirafix secure fixing method our clients and their families…

Martin Young, Sitting Spiritually

When the 'Wee fit' shelter was redesigned, the engineers turned to Spirafix to resolve complex ground anchorage issues. This shelter was commissioned by Halfords through…

Paul Casebourne, Field Engineering and Design, Engineered Solutions Projects Ltd

Best anchor system I've used todate and great team, always willing to help

Dave Hall, Transmission Manager, Lyndon Scaffolding

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