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If you've clicked on this website we know that you are interested in details of the most versatile ground anchoring system yet devised!

Spirafix anchors are easy to transport as they stack together neatly. They are easy to install and generally require no specialist equipment. They are also easy to remove if required and, if removed correctly, leave virtually no trace therefore requiring little to no remedial ground work. They are hard wearing, durable and long lasting if they are treated correctly and used in line with our installation guidance.
They are extremely versatile and can be used as a permanent or temporary fix, can be used for securing using base plates, brackets, ratchet or tethering straps, bespoke plates, collared eyebolts or scaffold rings.
These helical anchor systems have been tried and tested by the best in many industries and sectors and always get great user feedback.

Isn't it time you purchased Spirafix Ground Anchors?

75 mm Spirafix Ground anchor being installed for a demonstration of how our tethering system works. The same concept is applied through all of our ground anchor range, impact driven install and counter rotational removal. With the correct working method Spirafix anchors can be a secure fixing in almost all ground conditions for both temporary and permanent applications.

Our helical ground anchors are extremely versatile in there application and are suited to a wide variety of projects so please check out our Projects and Uses page for more ideas of how Spirafix could be used.

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