Using Ground Anchors in Tarmac

Monday 30th November 2020

Spirafix Ground Anchors are perfect for use in a wide variety of different ground types, however, they're especially effective when installed into tarmac. We've successfully used them on a variety of different products and so have our clients around the world. As well as Ground Anchors, we have a range of clever accessories to complement them, ensuring that there will be a ground anchor and bracket suitable for your project. We sell anchors, uniquely designed brackets, fixings and everything else you could need to complete your project to the highest of standards. Amazing Versatility Thanks to their fantastic versatility, Spirafix Ground Anchors can be used for a variety of different purposes on tarmac. This includes securing event tents, gazebos and…

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How Can I Secure my New Event Tent to the Ground?

Thursday 29th October 2020

With more coronavirus restrictions in place, there's an emphasis on utilising outdoor spaces. Bars, restaurants, car dealerships, and even schools are moving their customers and services outdoors. No matter the type of shelter or event tent you choose, it is essential to fix it securely to the ground - and spiral ground anchors are guaranteed to do this. Spirafix specialises in the design, manufacture, and installation of spiral ground anchors, ranging in various loading capacities, making it a perfect fixing for all commercial and domestic needs. Here's everything you need to know about Spirafix Ground Anchors: What are Spirafix Ground Anchors? Simply put, Spirafix Ground Anchors are large screws that go into the ground and attach at the top to…

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Spirafix Goes International

Thursday 1st October 2020

We are Spirafix, a UK ground-anchor specialist with a solid reputation for designing and developing ground-anchor systems. We are proud to announce that we have fully expanded into the global market, with a French website and webshop, open now for direct purchase and delivery to France. Spirafix ground-anchors are notable for their simple spiral design that works in all soil types and weather conditions. Since 2002 Spirafix has been designing and installing ground-anchors in the UK for various purposes, including industrial, domestic, temporary fixings, and much more. We are excited to announce this international expansion, initially to France, but with the option of shipping anywhere internationally by contacting our sales team. Spirafix ground-anchors are the number-one choice ground-anchoring system for a…

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Can Spirafix Ground Anchors Solve my Problem?

Wednesday 26th August 2020

We have solutions to so many applications! Spirafix Ground Anchors have a multitude of uses, with more being added to our application list each day. If your situation is not on our website, just get in touch, and we can create a custom solution to meet your needs. A snapshot of only a few of our recent projects shows just how varied our day to day installation of Spirafix Ground Anchors is. Blue Edge Lighting - Heathrow (temporary solution) This project involved developing a temporary runway and taxiway lighting solution at Heathrow Airport. The installation had to be safe, secure and certified as compliant with CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) requirements. Our project brief specified the installation and removal of the solution was…

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Helping Secure the Culture Industry to the Ground

Thursday 30th July 2020

From your local music venue to the nation's leading performance spaces, our whole arts and cultural landscape needs to change. They need to find a way to manage a 'new normal' as the result of social distancing measures. This pandemic is with us for the foreseeable future, and it is time to get out there and enjoy our arts and culture in whatever way we can. Why is it important for the Arts and Culture industry to resume? The arts enable us to connect with ourselves, each other and the rest of the world. As well as providing entertainment and escapism, they play a vital role in the heart of communities across our nation. There are also significant economic benefits to a…

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We are Open for Business and are Here to Help You do the same!

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

As we see the country slowly getting back to some level of normal, at Spirafix we are happy to say we are "open for business" and ready to help you get back to normal too! With restrictions being lifted on many outdoor shopping and recreation activities, our versatile (permanent or temporary) ground anchoring system can help you erect outdoor facilities quickly, to expand your business and increase much-needed income at this exceptional time. For example, creating more space at your farmers' market, additional canopies at your car dealership or shaded areas for golfers and tennis players to check-in for their game and wait for their turn on the greens or court - with the flexibility of Spirafix Ground Anchors there…

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The Importance of Using Spiral Ground Anchors With Play Equipment

Friday 22nd May 2020

With children spending all their time at home now, (and possibly throughout the summer) many families are installing play structures in their gardens. Not only does it help pass the time for kids, but outdoor play has many other benefits too! Children can burn off energy quicker and easier in an outdoor environmentChildren who spend a lot of time outdoors potentially have less risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and issues with the immune system.Outdoor play reduces time in front of screens and on mobile devicesOutdoor play often uses games which utilise imagination and creativity Outdoor play equipment is great! Kids and adults love the benefits, but you need to make sure the play structure is installed safely and…

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The benefits of installing a Solar Carport

Thursday 19th March 2020

What is a Solar Carport? Solar carports are ground-mounted solar panels that are installed above parking areas and they are one of the fastest-growing trends within the solar industry! Any car park can be used, so they can be installed in business parks, grocery stores, airports, park & ride lots, anywhere! Benefits of Solar Carports Minimise Energy Expenses Which leads to significant savings! The electricity generated can be used by the business providing the land, and then the excess can be stored or sold back to the National Grid. Electricity is susceptible to rate increases, and a solar carport can help hedge against rising utility costs by lowering energy bills and making them more predictable. Carbon Footprint Reduction By installing a solar carport…

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Spirafix Piling Machine

Monday 11th November 2019

Spirafix has recently invested in a brand new bespoke piling rig, with a view to expanding our business range for our larger anchors (See images). We have as a company taken this bold decision to enable the installation of larger anchors, which we believe will bring more accuracy, efficiencies and of course most importantly for our customers much better cost effectiveness. We believe this will be apparent for you on any of your large projects. Since its purchase the piling rig has been deployed in the UK on 4 sites, all of which, have been a great success with the capability of installing 200 anchors per day. If you think this could be of interest for any forthcoming projects…

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Spirafix Ground Anchors - Secures Distributor in France

Wednesday 17th July 2019

We are pleased to announce further enhancement to our growing list of Distributors with CATS Engineering who have joined us this Month. CATS Engineering have Expertise and Technical Services for Entertainment, Live Performance and Creation. Although they have expertise in this sector, they are able to facilitate the use of our product across other industry sectors and will of course have the support of the full Spirafix Team. Click on link for their Details Distributors and CATS Engineering

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Using Ground Anchors in Tarmac

Spirafix Ground Anchors are perfect for use in a wide…

How Can I Secure my New Event Tent…

With more coronavirus restrictions in place, there’s an emphasis on…

Spirafix Goes International

We are Spirafix, a UK ground-anchor specialist with a solid…