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Huge thanks to you & your team for the prompt delivery of 840mm C-type anchors & SA540 brackets.
We have used these on our Milos MR1 stage roof structure and installation couldn’t be easier. Just 20 - 25 strikes with a 12lb sledgehammer drives an anchor in fully. Removal with a 3/4 inch drive ratchet is equally as simple. The stage looks fantastic without ballast weights around it and the overall footprint is significantly reduced. Congratulations on a product that exceeds expectations in every way.
All in all, we are delighted with the Spirafix anchors and will be back for more.

Charlie Broadhurst, Event Sound

"I don't normally leave reviews - but couldn't possibly not leave one in this instance after the absolutely first-rate customer service I received from Sue Jones. Starting with her quick response to my initial online query about what ground anchors are best suited to the climbing frame we were building, to then clearly setting out the range of options available including prices and all relevant component parts needed for each option, and finally to her arranging for such quick delivery so that the anchors arrived in time for me to build the climbing frame before my son's birthday. Brilliant service all round, would highly recommend."

Andy Moger

Thanks for sorting this out so quickly, pleased to say that I had all the ground anchors installed and ready to go within an hour and half of starting. Very good product and very good service.

Ian Reed

In the High Arctic area of Northern Greenland, you experience some of the strongest winds ever recorded on Earth. We needed a solid and reliable solution to anchor the habitat to the ground. We were pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to install the Spirafix ground anchors, and how durable and reliable they worked in the extreme environment.

Sebastian Frederiksen, Lunark Team

Easy to use and up to the job

Jonathan Hartnell-Beavis, Director, Iconoco Ltd

I received your shipment. It was very timely and the packing was well done. Thanks.

My application is anchoring a treated timber foundation for a greenhouse. I installed a few of the anchors this morning and I am very impressed. The anchors install so easily. I was dubious about hammer installation so I had a roto-hammer ready in case. So far no issues with the hammer method, even though I have very rocky soil. In one case I hit a rock and with some extra hammer hits was able to complete the installation. In another case at about 90% embedment I hit a rock that I could not overcome with the hammer, so I simply removed the anchor, moved over a bit and roto-hammered a pilot hole through the rock and reinstalled - easy. I also like the slotted brackets as they are perfect for my application.

Great product and service!

Tim Foster, Civil Engineer USA

Often our frames are set on grass that is not entirely flat and by using this Spirafix secure fixing method our clients and their families can swing as vigorously as they like - knowing full well that the legs are secured down.

Martin Young, Sitting Spiritually

When the 'Wee fit' shelter was redesigned, the engineers turned to Spirafix to resolve complex ground anchorage issues. This shelter was commissioned by Halfords through Engineered Solutions Projects Ltd who knew the Spirafix anchor was the lowest cost, fastest solution to the issue, together we engineered a procedure that makes the 'Wee Fit' shelters so much cheaper to install, 3 hours down from 3 weeks is a notable improvement.

Where can you find these Shelters? Halfords; they are specified, ground conditions permitting, at a cost reduction of anything up to 90%.

Next time you are thinking of putting up a building or shelter you might find Team Spirafix a useful and creative, not to mention a well connected and proven contact.

Paul Casebourne, Field Engineering and Design, Engineered Solutions Projects Ltd

Best anchor system I've used todate and great team, always willing to help

Dave Hall, Transmission Manager, Lyndon Scaffolding

Our event took place in November, the anchors were great, but the ground was no challenge to them! We were basically on a swamp... We will be using them for the second time shortly, so should give them a better test.

Overall we're very happy with the package so far.

Derek Murray, Technical Director, Christ for all Nations

Using Spirafix Ground Anchors is a real step forward and will obviously bring significant benefits to both the operations and project world.

Nigel Houlton, Airside Operations Management, Heathrow Airport

The AGL Primary Cable Replacement Project completed its work and subsequently removed the temporary blue edge lights which had been installed in the grass edge of the runway. These lights were the first to be secured down with Spirafix Ground Anchors.

The lights are in position and evidence confirms the primary benefit of this product has been realised i.e. no subsequent reinstatement is required.

Happy with this new idea and its implementation.

Steve Hart, Airfield Transformation Manager, Airside Operations, Heathrow Airport

The Spirafix product is a vast improvement to the concrete blocks we had to install and remove at Heathrow Airport previously - for fixing blue edge lighting.

They are easy to install, easy to remove and with no repairs or disposal, are a good solution going forward.

Rob Rudling, Project Manager, Aviation, Morgan Sindall

We use the Spirafix system to secure the guy lines for our 20M temporary telecoms masts. Normal ground anchors slip over time and need to be checked on regularly and smacked back down.

It was when a mast was hit with over 60mph winds for three days on low laying wet ground that we realised just how good they are. After three days of gusty high winds which would normally be too much for a standard ground stake and would force us to drop the mast, we found the Spirafix Ground Anchors simply hadn't moved! They were as rock solid as they were when we put them in. And what's more with a 17mm socket they just pop out easy as pie when you're done.

This is a truly great product that you can completely put your trust in to just work!

Morgan Denton, Project Manager, Attend2it

We needed to safely secure to the ground a number of 'towers' which have projectors mounted on top. They had to be in place and ready for the Blackpool Illuminations official switch on which is on the 2nd September. We had quite a tight deadline and we really wanted to move away from digging holes and pouring concrete which is costly and time consuming. We contacted the team at Spirafix Ground Anchors who gave us a great solution involving bespoke base plates and standard Spirafix Ground Anchors. I have to admit some were dubious, but the Spirafix team also advised that they would manage the installation for us. We were really very impressed by the quality of advice, the knowledge of the team and the ease with which the towers were secured during the one day installation. Now we can move the towers to various positions as and when. I will definitely be using Spirafix Ground Anchors again and again and for a range of different projects. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

John Joyce, Project Manager, Blackpool Illuminations

"We have been absolutely delighted with the Spirafix Ground Anchors and brackets we purchased and used. They have been everything the website and sales team promised - easy to install, easy to remove and hassle free. We genuinely feel they have proved to be great value for money. We provide services to a number of great festivals including Parklife and Kendall Calling and intend to use the anchors time and again. If Spirafix Limited were a listed company I would definitely buy shares, I think these are great products and highly recommend them''

Alistair Munro, Immerse Agency

''We had great support from the team at Spirafix with a recent, quite specific, challenge. We needed a solution for anchoring one of our large temporary structures that wouldn't require any changes to our current base plate stock. Spirafix designed a simple but effective strap which neatly fixed on to our current bases and enabled us to use Spirafix Ground Anchors to achieve the load ratings required. We had great feedback from the installation crew who advised the strap was effective and the anchors were easy to install"

Barbara Lestak, De Boer Structures (UK) Ltd.

"We have been using Spirafix Ground Anchors for many years and find the products very good and the team very professional. We use our anchors and brackets for securing cross country jumps. We move our fences regularly so the anchors in particular get a lot of use. We are very happy with both the anchors and brackets, they are certainly a lot easier to use, less time consuming to install and in the long run cheaper than using wooden stakes."

Keith Wilson, Scunthorpe Pony Club

"We've received an excellent and very helpful service from the team at Spirafix Ground Anchors - they guide you if needed and are always happy to make recommendations based on their vast experience. We are a well-established and very busy Family and Children's Activity Centre and we specialise in a wide variety of activities so we have some challenging projects to secure to the ground. We find the ground anchors easy to use and offer greater flexibility when looking for solutions. The fact they can be removed and reused really does provide value to money. We will be buying more!''

Bob Edwards, Centre Manager, Stubbers Adventure Centre

"After seeing Spirafix Ground Anchors at the Showman's Show we decided to give them a go. We were so impressed with the ease of installation and hold they gave us - I placed a second order within two weeks of the first! I am incredibly impressed with this product and would recommend them without hesitation. They are a brilliant solution for us ''

Phil Brown, Owner, Pyrotastic, fireworks for all occasions.

"Just thought I'd drop you a quick email to thank you for your help and advice. The kit arrived ok on Saturday morning. The climbing frame and swing were moved just after I spoke with you on the phone. I spent a little while levelling, then inserted the anchors, they went in exactly as you described with hardly any effort. 'They did exactly what they said on the can"

Bob - Bournemouth

"Enclosed is the payment for the 5 Spirafix and custom brackets that you supplied. Many thanks, they are exactly what I needed."

Michael from Dorchester

"Many thanks, great service and a product that really works! I'll have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends."


"Please find the enclosed payment for your excellent Spirafix kit. It was quick and simple to install and delivery was as promised. I am confident that my daughter's swing is securely fitted to the ground; one less worry!"

Allistair from Paisley

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt and courteous service you provided. I was extremely impressed with the Spirafix anchors and had not appreciated just how substantial they would be until they arrived. They have certainly anchored the climbing frame/swing firmly to the ground and are completely unobtrusive."

Simon from Stockport

"I would like to state that the Spirafix system is excellent for securing seats in our crematorium and cemetery and how easy they are to use despite us having to use them in thick clay soil.I have now used them for several years and have even removed and replaced the seats using the same Spirafix. I I fully intend to carry on using this system of securing seats.The quality has been first class, as has the service and delivery when ordering."

Crematorium & Cemetery Manager, Parndon Wood Crematorium

"The kit was certainly extremely easy to install. I have used it to secure a kids double swing and slide. My only other option, after trying the pegs that came with the swing, was to dig large holes in the lawn and concrete the pegs into place. I have been putting this off for quite some time now, and the swing has been unusable in the meantime. Twenty minutes work installing the Spirafix kit has completely secured the apparatus. With both children swinging at the same time it doesn't even move an inch. - Fantastic !! Once again many thanks for all your help. First class service!!"

Chris, Sleaford

"Four years ago you installed Spirafix anchors to secure our five-a-side goal posts and I am pleased to say that they have been a great success. We have had no problems whatsoever with either the anchors or the goalposts as they have remained as firmly fixed as the day you installed them, no mean feat given that our field is open to the public at all times and is very heavily used by children of all ages."

Chairman of the Holton & Blyford Village Hall