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Background Knowledge

Spirafix ground anchors are used when a loading needs to be secured for permanent, temporary or semi-permanent applications. The installation and removal is extremely easy, which makes them ideal for all different ground types and provides cost and time savings for prospective projects. Our anchors are used for a multitude of applications, please check out our Projects page or alternatively get in touch with our team to discuss your application.

To understand a bit more regarding installation and removal please see below some points, which will help when using the Spirafix anchor. If you require Spirafix to undertake the installation, please feel free to call our sales team to book our on-site service.

Spirafix ground anchors use the same method of installation and removal whatever the size of anchor, which is impact driven to install and counter rotated to remove. Whenever installing Spirafix anchors please check for buried services prior to install.

Manual installation

Using a sledgehammer or lump hammer, along with a manual hammer cap installation is achieved by impacting the anchor into the ground, we recommend multiple moderate impacts versus heavier larger impacts to allow the anchor to rotate into the ground with each impact.

Installation / Removal Guide


  • Suitable for 30mm, 40mm and 50 mm anchors
  • Minimal equipment required for install.
  • Great for remote locations


  • Appropriately sized hammer cap SA491 - 30mm anchors SA492 - 40mm anchors SA493 50mm anchors (placed over head of anchors to protect anchor head from damage)
  • Sledge hammer required for 50mm anchors
  • Lump hammer for the 30mm and 40mm anchors

Handheld Mechanised installation

We would recommend the use of handheld mechanised equipment when installing large anchors or multiple small anchors. When using equipment for the installation of Spirafix anchors it is important to ensure the hammer cap of the machine is perpendicular with the collar of the anchor. This optimises install and preserves the life of the ground anchor.

Installation / Removal Guide


  • Suitable for installation of anchor sizes up to SF75-12-1320AC
  • Reduction of time of installation of Spirafix ground anchors
  • Handheld equipment remains easily portable
  • Suitable for tarmac installation

Spirafix Recommended Equipment

(Please note an appropriately sized hammer cap must be used with all machinery types.)

Product code/Equipment name Power per impact Anchor suitability
Eleectric breakers 10-15 Joules 30mm and 40mm anchors
Petrol post driver 25 Joules 40mm and 50mm anchors
Whacker Neuson BH 55 55 Joules 50mm and small 75mm anchors
Atlas Copco Cobra driver 65 Joules 50mm and small 75mm anchors
Atlas Copco Hydraulic driver 97 Joules 50mm and 75mm anchors

Industrial/Commercial installation

These installation methods are generally most applicable when there is a significant number of large anchors to be installed, this can be done using an excavator and adequately sized breaker or by us using the Spirafix piling rig.

Installation / Removal Guide


  • Suitable for very hard ground conditions
  • Suited to the 75mm anchor range.
  • Large quantities of anchors can be installed quickly

Bolted Applications

AC type Spirafix ground anchors have internal threaded heads at the top of each anchor this makes them interfaceable with any brackets/baseplates, which have a hole to accommodate for the bolt size. Additionally, we have manufactured a range of brackets which are suitable for the AC type anchors.

For guidance around how Spirafix anchors can be used for bolted applications please don't hesitate t contact our sales team.

Anchor Size AC type internal connection
30mm anchors M10 internal thread
40mm anchors M12 internal thread
50mm anchors M16 internal thread
75mm anchors M24 Internal thread
Installation / Removal Guide

Through slot applications

C type anchors are suited for through slot bracket applications, this is where the slot has been made to allow the Spirafix anchor to be impact driven through the bracket making an easy hassle-free installation. These are specifically designed for clients ease with no alignment issues to think about and an easy way of fixing the anchors to a bracket. This is best described using pictures which can be seen adjacent.

Installation / Removal Guide