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An Introduction to the 30MM Load Chart
An Introduction to the 30MM Load Chart

At Spirafix, all our ground anchors are load-tested to ensure safety, and as specified in the load chart, our 30mm anchors have a capacity between 80 and 340 kg. It's important to note that these values are indicative only, as for any application, on-site load tests need to be conducted to ascertain accurate values. This is because different soil types will have different properties and, therefore, have different load values.

When reading our load chart, the area within the black curves represents approximately 70% of the results. 10% of possible values lie above the upper curve, and 10% lie below the lower curve.

How is the Maximum Load Achieved and Measured?
The maximum load is achieved when a steadily increasing pull is applied to the anchor, and it ruptures out of the ground. At this point, the ground is deemed to have failed, called the Ultimate Load.

Acceptable Working Loads of the anchor are up to 70% of the ultimate load, termed the Maximum Working Load, shown on the load chart curves. Above this point, the anchor becomes unstable in the ground and cannot hold the load.

What Are Our 30mm Ground Anchors Used For?
30mm anchors are commonly used for the following applications. However, there are many more applications they can be used for:

  • Swing sets
  • Children's play equipment
  • For security reasons (such as securing park benches, tables, etc.)
  • Adult swings and loungers
  • Gazebos
  • Pergolas
  • General light tethering applications

A Closer Look at Spirafix 30mm Ground Anchors
Our 30mm anchors have an internal M10 threaded connection and should be used with a 30mm manual hammer cap when installing them.

Our ground anchors use the same method of installation and removal, whatever the size of the anchor, which is impact-driven to install and counter-rotated to remove. Whenever and wherever you install our ground anchors, please check for buried services before beginning installation.

30mm anchors are manufactured in AC and B type:

Spirafix 30mm Ground Anchor AC Type
The AC-type ground anchor has a threaded head, allowing for an M10 threaded connection. The thread depth is 15mm, and any set screw or bolt used must not bottom out in the head but must pull the anchor up tight to the item being anchored.

Spirafix 30mm Ground Anchor B Type
The B-type ground anchor has a single hole head, a thickness of 6mm, a head size of 30mm x 30mm and a hole size of 10mm clearance.

To learn more about Spirafix 30mm ground anchors, load limits or anything else about our products, please contact our friendly team. Call us at 0345 296 2792 or email, and someone will contact you soon.