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Anchor - Spirafix 50mm C Type

£30.49 inc VAT

The Spirafix Ground Anchor 50mm C Type has a solid head and can be used with through slot bracket and base plates.

  • Diameter 50mm
  • Thickness 10mm
  • Head Size 28mm AF

Installation Method - Ensuring the anchor head is protected with the 50 MM hammer cap lightly tap the anchor into ground using a lump/sledge hammer. When installing multiple anchors to optimise install mechanised equipment can also be used. With each impact the anchor twists in the ground creating a secure connection point.

Drive anchor into ground using impact driven equipment. To remove use a tool which can interface with the 28 MM hex head i.e ratchet, spanner, pipe wrench and of course the Spirafix removal tool (SA424).

Please ensure that the location where these anchors are to be used is free from buried services

Our advice is to always protect the anchor head using a hammer cap.

Please click here for Installation Guide

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