FS065 - M10 Nut

£0.19 inc VAT

FS067 - M10 Washer

£0.06 inc VAT

FS115 - M12 Washer

£0.13 inc VAT

FS142 - M16 Nut

£0.31 inc VAT

FS143 - M16 Washer

£0.25 inc VAT

FS187- M16 Washer

£0.24 inc VAT

FS250 - M12 Collared Eye Bolt

£2.65 inc VAT

FS252 - M16 Collared Eye Bolt

£4.73 inc VAT

FS672 - M24 Washer

£0.42 inc VAT

M10 Hexagon Head Setscrews

Suited for 30MM Spirafix anchors
£0.25 inc VAT

SA225 - T Bar

£2.02 inc VAT

SA230 - T Bar

£1.32 inc VAT

SA231 - T Bar

£1.51 inc VAT

SA289 - Stem Hilti

£57.96 inc VAT

SA491 - 30mm Manual Hammer Cap

£16.26 inc VAT

SA492 - 40mm Manual Hammer Cap

£22.31 inc VAT

SA493 - 50mm Manual Hammer Cap

£36.98 inc VAT

SA508 - Spacer 15mm thick

£1.01 inc VAT

SA526 - 100° Through Slot

£2.40 inc VAT

SA533 - Drive Sleeve

£120.96 inc VAT

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