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Art installation "Hush"

Client: Steve Messam

Steve came to Spirafix on this project as he needed a secure anchor fixing points on either side of the valley for an art installation, as can be seen on the photos.

In order to do this we needed to establish the loading required on each line, so Steve purchased some different sized samples and went to work testing the Spirafix Anchors on the site location.


Being an off grid location gives its own challenges, whatever was chosen as the required securing method the two ends needed to be manageable, easy to install and secure. Spirafix was ticking all the boxes and was the preferred method used on this project.


Further to Steve's anchor testing he established the SF30-6-360AC would be best suited to his needs. 90 of these anchors were installed by Steve and his crew, which was successful as the anchors stayed firm whilst being subjected to storms, hailstones and 60 MPH wind speeds.

Client Feedback

I've been using spirafix anchors for 10+ years. They have been used on dozens of projects; from a tower on a lake district mountain to pieces in the Venetian Lagoon and even a bridge made entirely of paper in China for a Range rover to drive over.