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Concrete Stabilisation

Client: B and H Clearance - On behalf of POBL - Cwmcarn Scheme

Skerryvore Designs Limited approached Spirafix to understand the anchor capability to utilise them in the stabilisation of a concrete pad foundation. The specified remit requirement was to install 4 anchors capable of securing a minimum of 3.75KN (382KG) per anchoring point.


The works were to take place internally within an apartment complex, meaning the required solution and equipment used had to be quick and efficient to ensure minimal noise and fume emissions for other tenants within the complex, which is where the supply and installation of our anchors more than satisfied the customers requirements.


Ground anchors installed using the Atlas Copco Cobra driver making for expedited installation time, a fume extraction unit was used in the room where anchors were installed to ensure all fumes generated from the engine were immediately sucked out of the apartment through a window and outside.
Anchor tests were complete with each anchor achieving over 1000KG exceeding the specification of the project. M16 x 200mm threaded rod was inserted into each Spirafix anchor head with a 60mm OD plate washer suspended 150mm above the ground anchor sandwiched by M16 nuts and washers to ensure a secure fixing between anchor point and concrete. The 60MM OD washer was then encapsulated within the concrete providing the cost-effective load bearing connection point the client required.