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Embankment Reinstatement - Nant Yr Aber

Client: FLS Tree Care

Enquiry received from Caerphilly County Borough Council to assess possibilities of using Spirafix ground anchors to secure log pile for a embankment reinstatement project.


Installing the anchors in water posed a unique challenge for the Spirafix site installation team having not completed an installation of anchors underwater previously.


When installing Spirafix anchors a number of reoccuring questions are often asked, one of which is especially prevalent when installing in water and is around rust prevention.

We were happy to say the our surface treatment performs better than galvanised products and would out live the life span of the timber. The other question we asked ourselves was how to go about installing these anchors? With the water levels measured it was concluded that wellies and waders would be worn by the operators Jamie and Lee, which would be sufficient to allow them to get to each install location.