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Music Festival

Client: Glastonbury Music Festival

Since 2014 Spirafix ground anchors have been called to Glastonbury site before each event to conduct site load testing in specific locations. This initial requirement stemmed from the their current working method (Concrete counter ballast), which was destroying the ground when the ballasts were being put into position and the environmental impact of a large truck deploying the counter ballasts needed.


With the testing locations being of paramount importance the Glastonbury team indicates where on the site their require the testing to be undertaken. It is then down to the Spirafix site installers to find the weakest ground in the designated area.


Three tests are complete with each size anchor on each site to ensure and average load can be found. The results logged, data is taken back to Spirafix HQ for processing. A site report is then generated displaying the results and sent to the Glastonbury site team to make avaialble to the sub contractors setting up their temporary structures on site.