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Public access art installation

Client: Arch Triumph and EcoSpace Ltd at the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London.

To provide a system which would anchor an art installation in the form of a public access pavilion, a temporary structure which was to be erected for the London Festival of Architecture during June 2014. Load tests and calculations would be required and appropriate recommendations made.


The pavilion was structured in such a way that the end enclosures provided most of the lateral support for the pavilion. Any anchoring needed to be buried, easily and quickly installed with no protruding guy wires. As this installation was part of an annual event, the anchoring system needed to be reusable.


The pavilion was held in place using 50mm anchors (SF50-10-1050C types which have solid heads), whilst the individual sections were pinned using shorter anchors (SF50-10-0490C). Prior communication with the project manager for the pavilion allowed the Spirafix Team to work with specially designed 'foot plates' which were installed below ground level. Slots in the foot plates allowed for the anchors to be driven down into position with accuracy. The Spirafix designed 'slide hammer' was used to install the anchors - achieving minimum noise pollution during the central London installation. The entire structure was completed in one day