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Securing floating homes and offices

Client: Eco Floating Homes

Our installation team were on site at Arlington Business Park, Reading on another interesting project.

One of our clients is develping floating office and living spaces and needed an easy to install, safe and secure solution for anchoring the office to the lake side.

We galvanised just 8 of our 2.2 metre, 75mm spirafix ground anchors and delivered them to site to install them with a hydraulic installer - using a 30 litre power pack providng 95 joules of impact energy.

These spirafix will be used as anchor points and needed to be safe and secure so the ground anchors, which twist down into position on their own helix with each impact blow, were installed quite close together for a very neat solution.

As well as being easy to install the spirafix ground anchors are straightforward to remove, so if the office needs to be relocated to another location on the lake, the anchors can be removed and reinstalled. If removed correctly they leave virtually no trace and do not cause degradation of river bank or lakeside locations.


  • SF75-12-1760 anchors were used
  • Anchors were fully galvanised
  • They were used for the tethering lines at the end of the ramp
  • 17 tons specified loading for the tethering lines
  • The Spirafix Installation Team undertook the work on behalf of the client

Client feedback

  • Delighted with the results which provided a neat, secure solution
  • Using the solution for other such projects being planned for 2018