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Securing of courtesy canopies for the general public

Client: Engineered Solutions and Halfords


Halfords had been seeking a solution to their staff helping their customers fit replacement car accessories and needed all weather protection during fitting operations.
When Engineered Solutions were asked to support this project, which had been ongoing for more than 3 years, they came to SpirafixGround Anchors, who had alredy been working on the problem.
Partnering with Engineered Solutions, we produced a flexible facility to cope with all conditions.


A jig was commissioned by Engineered Solutions which enabled our site teams to independently prepare the site without loss of facility to Halfords pending the arrival of the new shelter.
Of course ground conditions can vary considerably but at Spirafix we have a range of ground anchors which drill in to suitable depths and are easily capable of producing compression forces in prepared tarmac finish groundworks in excess of 1700kgs of pull force.
This can increase up to 5000kgs. and even in weak ground has achieved in excess of 900kgs. on the shorter anchors.
Halfords were delighted with the solution as it places them very favourably with landlord tenancy terms as it doesn't damage the ground and is practically invisible once the anchors are removed - which again can be done without damaging the ground.

Client Feedback

Quote - 'When the 'Wee fit' shelter was redesigned, the engineers turned to Spirafix to resolve complex ground anchorage issues. This shelter was commissioned by Halfords through Engineered Solutions Projects Ltd who knew the Spirafix anchor was the lowest cost, fastest solution to the issue. Together we engineered a procedure that makes the 'Wee Fit' shelters so much cheaper to install, 3 hours down from 3 weeks is a notable improvement.
Where can you find these Shelters? Halfords; they are specified, ground conditions permitting, at a cost reduction of anything up to 90%.
Next time you are thinking of putting up a building or shelter you might find Team Spriafix a useful and creative, not to mention a well connected and proven contact'.