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Solar Carport - Aviva Perth

Client: RenEnergy Ltd

Further to successfully completing ground anchor foundation installation project in Norwich. Spirafix were once again called upon to collaborate and work with RenEnergy's project team to complete the foundation system for solar carport installation in Perth, Scotland.

Client details can be found here Aviva


With the install being much larger initially there were logistical problems obtaining the balance between being able to zone off spaces and allowing works to continue whilst also maximising the amount of space the client could still use as parking for their colleagues in peak operational hours.

The area of car-park was a suspended concrete parking structure, it was clear to see that the 400mm deep pier would not be suitable for Spirafix ground anchors. Spirafix were commissioned too problem solve and find a solution to secure base-plates to a required loading specification.


Arranging for a lot of the work to be complete Friday through to Sunday alleviated the clients concern of loosing parking bays whilst construction was underway. Spirafix had installed all 624 anchors over a period of 3 weekends. This meant that what would of usually been the most disrupting element of the works (laying foundations) became the most streamline part of the project.

Where the base plates were situated on the concrete pier Spirafix researched a solution of using chemical bolts to secure the base-plates in place. Once the bolts had cured they were tested to ensure specified loads were achieved, then all base plates were immediately fitted.