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Solar Carport - Morpeth

RenEnergy approached Spirafix to quote for undertaking ground anchor specification, manufacture and installation works on another of their solar carport projects taking place in Northumberland for the local County Council offices. The project was commissioned by Northumberland County Council to aid with the councils plans of cutting carbon emissions in half by 2025.

Testing and specification
Having worked extensively previously with RenEnergy on various solar carport projects the testing and specification process has been refined and streamlined with both parties knowing what each other needs to ensure the execution of the project efficiently and effectively. Loadings were provided to Spirafix and testing was subsequently carried out, which enabled the specification of anchors to be confirmed and finalised quotes provided.

Installation and Implementation
Spirafix provided the quotes in a timely manner following testing, dates were arranged to undertake the installation works and H&S documentation was submitted prior to works being done. The projects mandate required anchors to be installed closer than is usually recommended, a component was manufactured to enable testing of both anchors at the same time to ensure minimum factored loading was achieved, which resulted in all the anchors achieving load. The ground anchor installation comprised of installing 552 anchors, which was complete within 9 working days. All the anchors were bolted to the baseplates with M24 bolts and Nordlock washers to allow further building to continue.