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Solar Carport - Plymouth

Client: SunGift Solar Ltd

SunGift Solar approached Spirafix to provide our expertise for their solar carport tenders. We submitted quotes in a timely manner, once all information had been provided. Testing, supply, and installation quotes based on their requirements were duly accepted.

Testing and specification

SunGift Solar supplied us with their factored loadings and test locations for us to facilitate anchor specification testing, which was carried out by the Spirafix site team. Our RAMS were submitted and accepted prior to undertaking the Testing. The results concluded that each base required 4 x SF75-12-1320AC anchors and a comprehensive site report that was produced and submitted to SunGift Solar of our findings.

Installation and implementation

Once the anchor size and quantities had been determined it was deemed necessary for an installation jig to be manufactured due to the number of installs required. Our site team was then primed with all the relevant information and RAMS produced and accepted prior to attending installation works. Our site team undertook the installation of 92 Spirafix anchors within a timescale of 2 full working days on site. All anchors were installed into tarmac at ground level to ensure the baseplate could be fastened using M24 bolts for the internal threads within the 75mm Spirafix anchor range.