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Temporary Power Line Diversion

Client: Omexom

Spirafix was approached by Omexom to utilise our ground anchoring expertise for the purpose of retaining catenary lines in their ongoing projects. We were specifically commissioned to install our 75MM anchors at a 35 degree angle, providing a loop to ensure tethering lines are able to be secured to the anchors after installation and testing.

Testing, specification and installation

Omexom has utilised the Spirafix ground anchor system in various repair and replacement projects for overhead powerlines. Recently, we were approached to carry out an anchor installation for a temporary tower, as shown in the picture. To complete this task, we utilised the customers stock of 75MM anchors and installed them at a 35-degree angle in predetermined and marked positions. We conducted load testing on each set of anchors to ensure they met the minimum factored loadings. Once verified, multiple anchors, locking hubs/pins, and collared eyebolts were installed at each anchoring location. This allowed Omexom to establish a connection point to the catenary lines, linking the towers and securing the load with ground anchors.


Omexom was satisfied with the results of the initial implementation of Spirafix ground anchors, as it allowed them to successfully address temporary overhead powerline diversion needs for replacement or repair projects. This positive outcome has paved the way for future utilisation of this solution in similar circumstances.