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Tree House - Hill Holt Wood

Client: Ermine Engineering

Spirafix anchors required for Bespoke Tree House project. Spirafix supplied our expertise in enabling the Client to achieve minimal invasive ground works for this project.


The purpose of this installation is to ensure the stability and security of the newly constructed tree house at Hill Holt Wood. Initial works were started in 2022 which consisted of installing 16 x SF75-12-1760AC anchors and was for securing the main structure of the treehouse. Further works were commissioned by Ermine Engineering in 2024 too install 18 x SF50-10-1260AC anchors to secure a custom-built staircase that wraps around the tree and is fixed to the tree house.


The installation of both differently sized Anchors by the Spirafix team was executed flawlessly, without causing any disruption to the underground tree roots. Hill Holt Wood expressed great admiration for our ability to maintain the ground and surrounding areas untouched, as well as for our clean and organized workspace.


Hill Holt Wood desired to avoid the presence of any large machinery and concrete in the designated protected area surrounding the tree, ensuring the roots remain undisturbed.