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Stage Truss Bases

What works:

Removing the need for the costly and time consuming job of moving ballast around the country was the main aim of developing this amazing stage truss base solution. Easy to install, easy to remove and easy to store and transport - this solution can be used time and again for stages large and small.

How to install:

You will need 4 brackets and 4 anchors per stage truss base. The brackets (SA540 for Milos / Prolyte systems or SA693 for Eurotruss bases) are fitted to the base and a bolt is inserted from the front to the back, once this is tightened it holds the bracket in position securely.
When the base is in its final position the anchors are driven down through the neat and clever slot in the bracket until the anchor head reaches the top of the bracket.
These anchors are impact in and cannot be screwed into position so using a sledge hammer should work if you've got the muscle power! Any hand held out door power tool should work providing it's on the impact setting and has the correct attachments - please take a look at our range of Installation Tools and review our power stems and caps range.
This is a great system that has already been widely used and recommended.

Always protect the anchor head using a hammer cap.

Always check for buried services.

You can download additional information below.

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