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Solar Carport

Are you planning to install a solar carport for your business or organisation? The foundations for a solar carport are crucial to its success, and ground anchors play a key role in providing stability and support. Our recent solar carport project was a remarkable success, with 552 anchors installed in eight working days using efficient techniques, rigorous testing, and experienced professionals, all with minimal disruption to parking during installation.

This blog will discuss the installation process and the reasons behind the project's success, highlighting the importance of proper ground anchor installation for a reliable and durable solar carport.

Site Assessment and Anchor Selection
The installation process of the Spirafix ground anchors began with a comprehensive site assessment. The assessment involved a thorough evaluation of the ground conditions and tarmac specifications, as well as identifying any potential obstacles that could impact the anchor placement. The detailed site assessment ensured we strategically placed the ground anchors for optimal performance and stability. The initial tests revealed consistent ground conditions, concluding that the same anchor size would suit the entire site.

Anchor Placement and Verification
The installation began by marking the locations for the Spirafix ground anchors on the site, using small 18mm SDS plus drill bits. Four anchors were installed per base. The Spirafix ground anchors were then expertly driven into the ground using the Spirafix piling rig, ensuring they were securely and firmly embedded.

Rigorous testing ensured the Spirafix ground anchors were safe to use. Two anchors were tested on every base installed, thoroughly checking their load-bearing capacity and performance against the required standards. This meticulous testing process provided confidence in the stability and reliability of the Spirafix ground anchors, establishing a secure foundation for the solar carport project. The commitment to thorough testing and adherence to industry standards ensured that the ground anchors were safe and reliable, contributing to the overall success of the installation process.

Environmental Benefits
When installing a Solar Carport, it makes sense to make the installation environmentally friendly too. On this project, using our ground anchors instead of concrete foundations saved the equivalent of 95 truckloads of concrete based on a 6M3/26-tonne truckload. In addition, there was the environmental saving of not needing to haul away the spoils of excavating for foundations.

Operational Efficiency
One of the reasons behind the success of the solar carport project was the operational efficiency of the Spirafix ground anchor installation process. The car park was divided into sections during the installation process, with just one row sectioned off at a time. This strategic approach allowed the rest of the car park to remain operational while installing Spirafix ground anchors. One of the advantages of Spirafix ground anchors is that they lay flush to the ground, which meant that once a row had anchors installed, we could reopen that row until the baseplates were fixed in place. This efficient and practical approach ensured minimal disruption to the overall functionality of the car park.

Professional Installation
The project's success is also due to the expertise and professionalism of the installation team, which included Tom Matthews, the site supervisor, and Ben Williams, the Piling Rig leading operator. Their extensive knowledge of Spirafix ground anchors and their expertise in installation techniques played a crucial role in the anchors' smooth and efficient installation. With their commitment to safety standards, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence, the installation team ensured that the team installed the ground anchors with precision and accuracy.

In conclusion, the successful installation of Spirafix ground anchors is crucial to the overall success of solar carport projects. The process involves thorough site assessment, anchor selection, placement, verification, and professional installation by trained personnel. Partnering with a reputable and experienced installer, such as Spirafix, is essential for a successful solar carport project. Our expertise in ground anchor installation, commitment to safety standards, and attention to detail ensure that our anchors provide stability, durability, and operational efficiency for solar carport installations. For more information on Spirafix ground anchor services, visit our website.