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Golf range net anchoring

Client: Foresport Fencing UK

Foresport Fencing got in touch with Spirafix to find an anchor solution which could be installed to secure a wire rope across a 30M span of mesh fencing for a golf range. The idea was to have golf balls that are hit to the end of the golf range would simply roll up the the installed mesh fencing and bounce back making it easier for the greens keeper to retrieve the golf balls.


From the clients explanation of the system that was required the Spirafix team had to specify the anchoring requirements for what was required to achieve the end goal. Spirafix team provided full specification of the anchors and accessories which made for a successful installation.


SF40-8-500AC anchors along with the M12 collared eye bolts were installed which allowed Foresport Fencing to run the wire rope along the length of the fencing uprights through each collared eye bolt. The mesh was then connected to the wire rope allowing for the balls to roll onto the floor and bounce back off the mesh as the design had intended.