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Relaxed Planning Laws around Solar Power Production Systems
Relaxed Planning Laws around Solar Power Production Systems

The government has recently announced new planning rules to boost the rollout of solar more quickly and without costly planning delays. These new rules came into effect on the 30th of November, 2023, and "changes to permitted development rights rules will mean more homeowners and businesses will be able to install solar panels on their roofs without going through the planning system".

At present, those who wish to install solar panels on their roof or land need to go through the planning system, which can mean waiting more than eight weeks for a decision and can be costly.

Included within the new rules was the iteration that, where possible, developed land should be used for solar panels if they are over 10 metres from people's homes. These changes will make installing solar panels in canopies above car parks, known as solar carports, easier.

The government hopes that these changes to the rules will mean more homeowners and businesses will be encouraged to install solar panels in solar carports and on their roofs on developed land, which will help to reduce the country's carbon footprint and help significantly cut the energy bills of those who do so.

If you're considering installing a solar car park at your place of business, we have the knowledge and experience to install ground anchors to fix your solar car park structure in place securely.

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Why Choose Spirafix Ground Anchors for Solar Carports?

Spirafix ground anchors make installing solar carports easier, more straightforward, and more environmentally friendly. Traditional concrete foundations are incredibly time-consuming to excavate, pour and allow for setting time. In contrast, Spirafix Ground Anchors can be installed and used instantly, averaging just 7 minutes per anchor. Spirafix ground anchors also don't require any remedial works like concrete foundations, which reduces time on site, allowing the deployment of solar carport foundations to be more streamlined and efficient.

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