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Securing of hidden base plates for university art project

Client: Vitra Design Museum, Switzerland

To help the design team for the Vitra Art Poject to safely secure 'hidden from view' anchor points. Advice on size of anchor was required as well as on site testing.


Very hard ground conditions - frozen in the main. Needed to be a temporary solution that would work well in very cold conditions plus be fully removeable as the art installation was designed to be short lived. Spirafix helical anchors needed to be suitable for frozen ground.


Install Spirafix Ground Anchors in pre dug pits and with a high degree of alignment accuracy. The SF50-10-0840 and the SF50-10-1540's were uised. Once anchors were in position the team were able to bolt on the baseplates which formed the basis of the art installation. Once the anchors were tested and installed, the on site team completed the build.