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Shore up foundations of beach chalets

Client: Stuart Gibbons Construction

Unpin the foundations of a number of beach front chalets as extremely bad weather had eroded previous foundations. The chalets required underpinning to allow for any washed out material to be more easily replaced and foundations shored up effectively and quickly.


This was quite a difficult to access location with time constraints due to tide times. The owners of the chalets were concerned that another rough tide would completely undermine the foundations leading to collapse into the sea. Drawings and sketches were reviewed by our Technical Director and 75mm anchors were specified. New brackets were machined to ensure the correct solution could be safely and securely implemented.


We used 75 mm diameter anchors at 2.8m long and installed three of them vertically just in front of the supporting beam and a further three at 45° going over the back of the beam. These were then fixed to the beam using fabricated brackets, set screws and coach screws. A further three 75mm anchors were used to pin the rear side of the chalet to help prevent any lateral movement of the building.