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Spotlight on Our Bespoke Piling Rig

Over three years have passed since the Spirafix team proudly picked up our bespoke Spirafix Piling Rig. This machine has revolutionised our business, allowing us to install larger anchors mechanically rather than by hand.

We used the Spirafix Piling Rig from the beginning for some large and very exciting projects. The benefits of our new piling rig include

- It allows us to install anchors perfectly plumb with the ground. This provides maximum sleekness and functionality.

- Installing anchors for use with solar carport baseplates. This has allowed Spirafix to exponentially boost its footing in this industry and work on many solar carport projects, resulting in more solar carports across the country. More solar carports mean more solar energy production and use. Our clients can reduce their reliance on natural resources and help the environment.

- It allows the installation of anchors 30 degrees off horizontal. This has permitted Spirafix to work with large projects in the National Grid when subcontracted to companies doing overhead powerline repairs and modifications.

- The rig provides us with a foothold with many new commercial clients due to the massive step up from handheld installation to mechanical installation.

The Spirafix Piling Rig has been a massive step forward for our business. We are very proud to announce that we have purchased another Piling Rig to allow us to satisfy the demand of our customers. The brand new Spirafix Piling Rig is due for delivery in October, allowing us to take on many more new and exciting future projects. We can't wait for it to join our team!

If you'd like to learn more about Spirafix ground anchors or have questions about bespoke projects, our team is here to help. Give us a call on 0345 2962792 or email, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.