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Using Ground Anchors in Tarmac
Using Ground Anchors in Tarmac

Spirafix Ground Anchors are perfect for use in a wide variety of different ground types, however, they're especially effective when installed into tarmac. We've successfully used them on a variety of different products and so have our clients around the world.

As well as Ground Anchors, we have a range of clever accessories to complement them, ensuring that there will be a ground anchor and bracket suitable for your project. We sell anchors, uniquely designed brackets, fixings and everything else you could need to complete your project to the highest of standards.

Amazing Versatility

Thanks to their fantastic versatility, Spirafix Ground Anchors can be used for a variety of different purposes on tarmac. This includes securing event tents, gazebos and marquees to the ground, installing solar carports, securing decking, fencing or other wooden structures to the ground, installing garages or other metal structures, securing advertising boards and for installing sculptures, scaffolding and outdoor lights, just to name a few!

Load Capacity

Spirafix Ground Anchors have an incredible load capacity when installed on tarmac. Our range of different sized anchors - 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 75mm - have loading capabilities from 80kg all the way up to 8200kg plus, depending on the installation surface and conditions. This range of load capabilities means our anchors are suitable for both domestic and commercial projects, depending on the size used.

Our largest anchor, 75mm, has the potential for a massive 8200kg+ tensile loading when used in tarmac. This anchor size has been used for scaffolding stabilisation, foundation works and to secure large temporary structures. It can easily withstand large loads, whilst being able to be removed at any time if no longer required, leaving very little trace behind. Loading capabilities are subject to subject to on-site tests being carried out by Spirafix due to the many different specifications of tarmac

Previous Projects

The success of our Ground Anchors, when used in tarmac, can be seen in the variety of projects that have been completed using them. Since 2002, our products have been used around the world for many different purposes.

One example of a great past project was when Spirafix Ground Anchors were used to install a large commercial aircraft hangar for use 'airside' at Bristol Airport.

The hangar was installed successfully initially using Spirafix Ground Anchors into the tarmac. The client then decided the location they'd chosen for the hangar wasn't quite right, so they asked for it to be removed and reinstalled in another location. Spirafix Ground Anchors guarantee ease of removal leaving virtually no trace behind and requiring little to no remedial groundwork, so this was not a problem. It meant minimal additional costs to the project and it was moved to a new and improved location quickly and easily.

Another project example is when Spirafix Ground Anchors were used to install permanent anchors in a town centre in England. These were to be used for a variety of regular, temporary events, including the secure anchoring of marquees for the weekly market.

To find out more about how Spirafix Ground Anchors might be the ideal solution for your project, why not speak to one of our friendly team members? We can answer any questions you might have and give you our best advice and recommendations.

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