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What is Load Testing and Why is it Important?
What is Load Testing and Why is it Important?

Load testing is an essential part of any project, and many different products require this type of testing. Load testing determines the ability of a product to withstand and perform under a proposed loading. When using a product correctly and within the approved loads, then load testing guarantees the product will hold safely.

Why is load testing necessary?

Load testing is crucial as it ensures that a product can withstand a certain weight or force safely. The defined number is known as the Safe Working Load (SWL). You must always adhere to the SWL to ensure maximum safety and no chance of product failure.

At Spirafix, we carry out regular testing of our ground anchor range and compare load results to other ground anchoring products.

Spirafix Ground Anchors and Load Testing

At Spirafix, we have a wide range of ground anchors that range in loading capacities from 80kg up to 8200kg. This range makes our products ideal for many different commercial and domestic projects depending on your needs.

We have worked with many clients in the past, and many on an ongoing basis, to carry out load testing to establish loading capacity for Spirafix anchors on their sites.

One sector which has recently grown from completing on-site load testing is foundations for solar carports. Load testing is an integral part of a solar carport project, ensuring that the anchors meet the SWL expected on that particular site. Spirafix always works to the induvial requirements of each client.

One such client was Ren Energy, who used Spirafix ground anchors as the foundations for their baseplates to save on both costs and time. We carried out load testing after installing the Spirafix ground anchors and achieved all required loadings successfully. We then curated and submitted this data in a report for the client and provided a site testing certificate. We subsequently completed the full install at Ren Energy's location for the installation of their solar carports.

Another example of on-site load testing was when we worked with National Coast Watch when they required a ground anchoring system for a mobile trailer unit. Located on the coast at Llandudno, the trailer needed a Safe Working Load of 350kg per Spirafix anchor. We installed the Spirafix Ground Anchors and carried out load testing. We reached and surpassed the required load limit, determining that the final Safe Working Load on each anchor in situ was 966kg.

If you have any questions about the load testing we offer, our ground anchors, or want to find out if they would suit your project, there are many answers available on our website. If you can't find the answer and would like some advice, our team is on hand five days a week to deal with customer enquiries.

If you'd like to speak to our team about using Spirafix ground anchors for your project or having our team come to test Safe Working Load limits at your site, give us a call today on 0345 2962792.