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Unique and Unusual Applications for Spirafix Ground Anchors

As well as the traditional uses for Spirafix Ground Anchors, such as fixings for attaching pergolas, power lines, or festival scaffolding, Spirafix products are increasingly used for unusual and unique projects. If you have a problem that requires stability or anchoring, our team will find a way to make Spirafix Ground Anchors work to provide you with a secure solution.

Spirafix Ground Anchors are the best earth anchor system for securing outdoor products directly to the ground. They allow for fixing without the need for traditional foundation solutions such as concrete, which saves time and money and lessens the environmental impact. Our ground anchors are available in different sizes based on your project needs. They are reusable, straightforward and quick to install and remove.

Some of the most unusual and unique projects Spirafix has worked on recently have been:

- Retaining catenary lines in ongoing projects for Omexom. Our 75mm anchors were installed at a 35-degree angle, providing a loop for tethering lines to be secured after installation and testing.
- As part of an art installation by Steve Messam, named 'Hush'. This location was off-grid and required the installation of 90 anchors, which stayed firm despite being subjected to storms, hailstones and wind speeds of up to 60mph.
- To allow quick deploy humanitarian pavilions to be erected, as part of Gregory Quinn's doctoral thesis at the Department for Structural Design and Engineering (KET) at the Berlin University of the Arts, which were exhibited at The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory (ANCB) in Berlin.
- underpinning of a rebar lattice concrete pad as a foundation to support the new Wimbledon Media Centre. The ground was not suitable for standard construction so our anchors were first tested to the required load and then installed in a grid pattern. The construction firm then attached a rebar lattice structure to the anchors and then poured a concrete pad.
- The Spirafix team was asked to advise on suitable anchor sizes to secure a climbing tower for public use. We conducted extensive on-site testing using the dedicated Spirafix Test Rig and advised on anchors from our 75mm range. A hydraulic power installer was used, plus hammer caps to protect the threaded head of the anchor.

These are just some unique and unusual applications for Spirafix ground anchors, demonstrating how versatile and practical they can be in many different situations and uses. You can look at our projects page for more ideas of uses for our ground bolts and accessories.

If you want to learn more about Spirafix ground anchors, have questions about our products or want to find out how our team can assist with an upcoming project, we'd be delighted to help you. Whether your project is large or small, commercial or domestic, we have the solution when something needs securing to the ground.

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