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Exterior Lighting

Ground Anchors for External Lighting

Spirafix Ground Anchors are a great solution for external lighting installations. They are versatile, easy to install, easy to remove, easy to store and transport and fully reusable. They represent a safe and cost effective option which can be used time and again

How to install:

You will require basic tools to complete the installation. These include: Lump hammer, Drill, Masking tape, Felt-tip marker and metal drill bits.

Please follow the step by step process which will aid with installation of the Spirafix solution.

  • Take exterior light and Spirafix base-plate, using the template of the exterior lights fixing points mark hole locations in Spirafix Baseplate
  • Apply masking tape to the marked locations and remark again (this is to prevent drill from slipping)
  • Drill the hole same diameter as on the bottom of the exterior light.
  • Fasten light to the Spirafix bracket using bolts (Discuss sizes with Spirafix staff)

Now your light is connected to the bracket, there is a hole already provided in the bracket for appropriate wiring to be passed through.

Installation of ground anchors

  • Set base-plate in desired location and mark with a point in the earth where the ground anchors are to be installed
  • Install anchors with impact driven force using lump hammer (Hammer cap) until desired depth and ensure the other two ground anchors are level (If anchor is required deeper light blows of the lump hammer are required ensuring to use hammer cap, or if its too deep counter rotate with 17mm spanner/ratchet)
  • Taking exterior light with the base-plate attached place over installed anchor and secure ground anchor three M10 bolts provided

Ground anchor installation complete! We estimate this taking between 25-45 MINS if the correct tools are used.