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Field Shelters

Ground Anchors for Field Shelters

Most field shelters are made of wood which can be easily moved throughout the year. Spirafix Ground Anchors have the solution - 4 solid head anchors and 4 through slot brackets. Easy to transport, easy to use, easy to remove and therefore fully reusable, our field shelter secure anchoring solution has continued to prove very successful year after year.

How to install:

Simply attach the 5 hole through slot bracket (SA238) to your field shelter - one on each corner. Position your field shelter and drive the solid head anchor (SF50-10-630C) down through the slot in the bracket. Once the anchor collar reaches the bracket the anchor is considered installed. Once you are ready to move your shelter to a new position, simply remove the anchor using an adjustable ratchet leaving the bracket in place and reinstall anchors taking care to protect the anchor head using a manual hammer cap.

Always check for buried services.