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Heliomotion Solar Tracking System

Securing the Ground Mounted Heliomotion PV-6 Solar Tracking System

Spirafix ground anchors and Heliomotion have come together to deliver an alternative solution for securing the ground mounted Heliomotion PV-6 solar tracking system. By selecting the versatile Spirafix ground anchor system, Heliomotion have chosen an environmentally friendly system in keeping with their ethos. This method also improves the cost efficiency in comparison with excavating and installing concrete foundations.

These are the benefits and added value when using Spirafix to secure Heliomotion PV units.

  • Cost saving - approximately £150.00 less per installation compared with concrete solution
  • Time saving - installing the anchors and baseplate is expected to take no longer than two hours with the anchors immediately usable after install
  • Environmental benefits - Spirafix anchors are easy to transport, store, install and remove if required.
  • Minimal equipment is required to install Spirafix in any location. Access and spoil removal are not an issue.
  • Life span of our surface treated baseplate and anchors is 20 years in corrosive conditions and 50 years in non corrosive conditions.

How to install:

Individual installation requirements can be discussed with Heliomotion during the system enquiry process. Please follow the link to the Heliomotion website and further explore this ground anchor mounted Solar Tracking System: Bee Solar mounting options