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Barges and Boat Mooring

Ground Anchors for Barge and Boat Mooring

Our B type Spirafix Anchors are perfect for mooring your barge or boat on a bankside. Because they are easy to install and easy to remove they are great value for money. We feel our anchors offer a fantastic benefit over other options - removed correctly they leave no trace. The degradation of banks continues to present a challenge and our anchors are the perfect solution.

How to install

Easy to install, the anchors are impact in and can be installed using a short handled 2kg to 5kg hammer. Attach shackle to anchor and attach your ropes or chains. For additional security these anchors can be used with a 10mm or 12mm shackle padlock.

Use our T bar removal tool to help remove the anchor correctly which ensures you leave no trace.

Protect the anchor head by attaching the shackle before hammering in anchor.

Always check for buried services.