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Security Anchoring

About Security Anchoring

For general security whether tethering or anchoring into position, Spirafix Ground Anchors have a solution to suit your needs. We feel we have the most versatile anchoring system yet devised and as such can add a security element to many of your outdoor anchoring needs. Because these anchors are easy to install and easy to remove, they can be used time and again providing great value for money.

How to Install

To enhance the security element of your project, simply install B type anchor (single hole anchor head) as advised. Drive anchor down into position using a lump or sledge hammer depending on anchor size. These are impact in anchors and they are not 'screwed' into position. If you are attaching to chain simply padlock chain to anchor.

For bigger, threaded head anchors a locking bar and pin is available. Please call for details on 0345 2962792.

Always protect the anchor head using a hammer cap.
Always check for buried services.