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Festival Scaffolding

Ground Anchors for Festival Scaffolding

There is no need for ballast - our anchors completely replace the need for concrete or water ballast. This does away with the logistical problems of storing, transport to and from site and the need for mechanised vehicles to handle it. It also does away with the headache of filling IBC's with water on site before your event and finding a way to dispose of it in an environmentally thoughtful way after your event.

Our anchors are easy to store and easy to transport making them the perfect option for installations in places where access is difficult.

How to Install

Using a threaded head anchor, install to anchor neck by driving into position. Our anchors are impact in, they drive down on their helix. Screw the scaffold ring bolt (FS602 with M16 locking nut, FS142) or collared eyebolts (FS252) into the top of the threaded head anchor and feed scaffold poles through.

If you are using guy wires or ratchet straps use a solid head anchor and one of our through slot brackets (SA453 single slot, SA454 double slot or the SA455 triple slot), place bracket on ground in direction of tethering strap, drive anchor down through slot in bracket. Once the anchor collar hits the bracket then the anchor is considered fully installed.

Take a look at our 50mm Ground Anchors

Always protect the anchor head using a hammer cap.
Always check for buried services.