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Mobile Cross Country Jumps

Cross Country Jumps Anchors

The excellent and well used anchor and bracket combination for mobile cross country jumps continues to be a best seller. Widely regarded as THE best solution for securing mobile jumps - the Spirafix Solution passed all necessary testing, carried out an the Annual Course Builders Forum at Burghley Horse Trials.

Spirafix is the ONLY tried and tested ground cross country jump anchor referred to in the FEI Eventing Cross Country Course Design Guidelines - please click here for the FEI website Federation Equestre Internationale

How to Install

This secure system could not be easier to use.

Our most popular anchor size is the SF50-08-0490C type anchor with the SA238 bracket. Simply attach the SA490 three hole 'through slot bracket' or the SA238 5 hole 'through slot bracket' to your jump one on each end. Hammer the anchor down through the slot and when the anchor collar has reached the bracket the anchor is considered installed. It is advised that the anchors and brackets are placed to the 'front' of the jump - i.e. the side approached by horse and rider. If the jump is part of a loop and will be approached from both sides then both sides of the jump should be anchored proving peace of mind.

Bigger brackets (SA239, 7 hole bracket) and bigger anchors (SF50-08-0630C) are also available.

When it's time to move your jump, simply unscrew the anchor using an adjustable ratchet which, for the most part, leaves no trace.

Always protect the anchor head using a hammer cap.
Always check for buried services.