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Tethering Lines

About Tethering Lines

Spirafix Ground Anchors are an incredibly versatile set of products and are manufactured in a wide range of sizes to suit all facets of tethering line applications.

Spirafix provide a range of ground anchors sizes spanning from 80-8200kg per anchor which are suited to any size of project. Coupled with a choice of either bracket or collared eyebolt Spirafix anchors are an ideal tethering line fixing point for both temporary or permanent solutions. One of the best assets Spirafix provides when using them for tethering lines is there versatility in installation, and removal. The replacement of ballast weight has a huge saving both onsite and with transport costs.

How to Install

Whichever anchor size is used to secure tethering line the same install and removal methods are applied, impact driven for installation and counter rotation for removal. Depending on the anchor size and ground conditions it can be achieved with very little equipment, this is especially true when considering the other relative application to achieve similar loadings.

There are two methods of accomplishing a tethering loop using Spirafix anchors:
45 Degree cracked bracket with through slot and C type anchor head as exampled here SA453

  • The anchor is impact driven through a slot provided in the bracket, this method allows you to use C type anchors for installation which, do not require a hammer cap for installation.
  • Loop provided on a 45 Degree crank ready for tethering line to be attached

Collared eye bolt + locking hub and pin as shown here (link to follow).

  • Collared eye bolt connections are used exclusively with the AC type anchors (threaded head anchors)
  • Once the anchor is installed attach locking hub to the hex of the head and install pin through the slot provided in the locking hub. These accessories are to prevent any counter rotation of the anchor whilst under load.
  • Appropriate size and spec collared eye bolt threaded into the head providing the loop for a tethering line to be attached.