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Storage Containers

Ground Anchors for Storage Containers

Installing ground anchors for use to secure storage containers can be a very cost efficient way of implementing a foundation system without little to no damage or impact to the existing landscape. The photo above shows a tarmac area where the anchors were installed. Spirafix anchors work for for both permanent and temporary installations, get in touch with our team to find out what method of fixing and anchor size may be best suited to your needs.

How to Install

Simply mark the anchor point on the ground where the Spirafix anchor is to be installed. If it is on a hardstanding or tarmac surface pilot hole drilling maybe be required, we generally recommend half the diameter of the ground anchor is a good starting point. Install Spirafix anchor with appropriate hammer cap protection on the anchor (this ensures thread is not damaged during install) and impact drive force to install. A recommended selection of tools to suit your install can be located in our Specification tab under installation/removal guide. Once the ground anchor is fully installed, using threaded connection on top of the head secure to the superstructure, sometimes a bracket is required for this connection, if in doubt or have questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team using 0345 2962792