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A neat and simple to use truss base bracket. Designed to work with a number of standard and well known stage and truss systems such as Prolyte and Trusslite.
A popular product used in conjunction with our 50mm Spirafix Ground Anchor range.
Easy to fix, remove, store and transport.
This product is a real money saver - no kentlidge or ballast blocks required, so you can get rid of those horrible transport costs from the bottom line quickly.
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Easy to install either by hammering through the slot or installing the anchor first and fixing to bracket with suitablly sized nut.
Through slot method - fix the bracket into place on your base unit using bolts to hold in the correct position, hammer the anchor down through the slot until the anchor head reaches the bracket. For this method a solid head anchor is best.
Anchor first method - lay out truss base and mark ground for anchor installation, install anchor by hammering down into postion. Stop when anchor neck is level with the ground. Place truss brackets into position over the anchor head and screw down tightly using suitably sized nuts.
Always protect the anchor head when installing either solid or threaded head Spirafix as this ensures the anchors are easy to remove using an adjustable ratchet.